• The largest type of commercial tents that are sold and rented are called clearspan tents. Potential applications are corporate events, construction, temporary warehouses, social events, sporting events and much more. Millions of square feet of commercial tents are rented and sold in the U.S. every year and large commercial clearspan tent usage continues to grow year after year.
  • Large clearspan tents are constructed using box-beam style aluminum rafters and purlins along with a heavy duty, reinforced vinyl fabric. These large tents are provided by only a handful of rental companies in the U.S. but these companies have trained crews that travel across the country installing nothing but large, commercial clear span tents.
  • A large tent rental can be installed quickly without the need for site preparation or foundations. They can measure up to 200 feet wide and due to their modularity can be installed in almost any length. American Pavilion regularly installs large tents that easily cover areas the size of football fields; all without the need for a single interior support pole of any kind.
  • When choosing a large commercial tent supplier look for a company that has decades of experience, the proper permits, safe installation practices, a large inventory and is accommodating and will exceed your expectations. American Pavilion has over 40 years of experience installing large tent rentals and is known for always meeting deadlines in a professional manner and at a fair price. Excellence since 1902!




  • Spring has sprung and with it comes thoughts of graduation, summer and all the fun that comes with it. Graduation tents are used by many universities and private schools across the country. It is always nicer to be outside in the spring and perhaps your organization doesn’t have enough indoor space for both graduates and their proud families. Clearspan rental tents are a wonderful option for outdoor graduations.
  • Many schools want to take the precaution to protect against inclement weather yet still hold their graduation outdoors. American Pavilion has provided clear span tents for graduations across the country. A clear span tent is comprised of a rigid, box beam style aluminum and steel frame, covered with a beautiful yet incredibly strong vinyl fabric. It is the strongest, most weather resistant rental tent on the market and is the most popular graduation tent due to the fact that there are no interior supports/poles. This allows for 360 degree, unobstructed view for all attendees.
  • Clearspan tents are modular so there are an unlimited number of sizes that can be installed for graduations. Our clear span rental tents have covered anywhere from 100 to over 4,000 people, all under a single tent. The beauty of the clearspan tent is that is needs no special foundation, can be installed on any surface in as little as a day and protects against both sun and rain. Clearspan tents can be opened along all four sides or quickly closed off in the event of wind, rain or strong sun.
  • For a small investment in a rental clearspan you can help ensure that your special day is protected against mother-nature.


Temperature control for rental tents has a variety of uses; corporate meetings, sporting events, construction projects, and social events just to name a few. Often times, rental tents such as clearspan tents or tension structures require temperature control in both the summer and winter. Summer events like social and sporting events often have many people in attendance that would only be able to enjoy the event if the tent is cooled with portable air-conditioning. American Pavilion owns more temperature control for rental tents than any other tent rental company in the country.

The time of the year, the size and type of tent, the outside temperature and the number of people in attendance all figure into a formula that determines how many “tons” of air-conditioning is required per rental tent. Common temporary air-conditioners start at 5 ton units and go up to 50 ton units. If more cooling is needed, chillers can be rented because they are able to provide hundreds of tons of air-conditioning per unit. All temporary temperature control units, both cooling and heating, require temporary power (generators) and power distribution (heavy duty cables), all of which can be provided by American Pavilion.

Temporary heat is often required for events that take place in the winter, such as social and corporate events as well as construction projects that require heat for thawing the ground, pouring concrete and even building foundations and framing. Temporary heat comes in two main varieties, electric and gas. The type of event and the amount of heat needed, along with budgetary constraints will help determine which type of heat is best.



There are three main types of rental temporary structures in today’s market; the clear span tent, the pole and/or tension tent and the pipe frame tent. All three temporary structures have advantages and disadvantages, but the following should help you decide which is best for your event or use.

~The CLEAR SPAN temporary structure is a box-beam style tent that ranges from ten feet wide to 200 feet wide and is modular, thus making it an extremely versatile temporary structure. It has no interior poles, installs rather quickly, is extremely weather resistant and can be installed for long periods of time with little to no maintenance. The clearspan tends to be the most versatile but can be a more expensive option.

~The POLE and/or TENSION temporary structure is a pole supported structure that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. They range in width from ten feet to over 100 feet wide, come in a variety of colors and shapes, tend to be less weather resistant, require guy-lines to provide tension and require more maintenance than most other temporary structures.

~The PIPE FRAME temporary structure ranges in size from 10 feet to 50 feet wide and meets a limited market due to its size constraints. It uses an aluminum pipe frame structure thus requiring no interior supports and is best for short to intermediate term rentals. It requires exterior guy-lines for stability but has no interior supports, thus it provides an unobstructed interior space (like the clear span). It tends to be one of the most economical options.

There is no “right” temporary structure for events, it all depends on the type of event, the duration of the rental, the use requirements and one’s budget. The clearpsan temporary structure tends to be one of the more popular options due to its versatility in design and size, and it is ideal as both a short and long-term rental structure.

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