Clearspan Tent Provides Temporary Hangar Space

American Pavilion was recently contracted to provide a clearspan tent of over 30,000 square feet as a temporary hangar. A solar powered airplane, the Solar Impulse, is currently traveling across the United States. It began its flight in California with its final stop in New York. Unfortunately, just before the plane was to land in St. Louis, a tornado damaged the hangar that was to provide temporary cover for the plane. American Pavilion received a last minute call and our team went to work loading the tent frame, cleaning the fabrics and providing the installation crew with a briefing of the installation. Within 72 hours of the initial call a Losberger clearspan tent was prepared, transported and installed as a temporary storage hangar and the Solar Impulse had a safe and secure temporary home. During the seven day rental the clearspan tent withstood two thunderstorms. American Pavilion clear span tents have the ability to withstand winds of up to 90 miles per hour and are the most weather resistant clear span tents on the rental market.

The Solar Impulse airplane needed to be charged each day, so American Pavilion’s crew removed the fabrics each day from one end of the clear span. The plane was then wheeled out to gather the sun’s rays on the solar panels that covered the wings. At night it was pushed back into the protective storage tent and the end fabrics were quickly replaced. After a week in St. Louis, the Solar Impulse took off for its next leg of the flight and toward its final destination in New York. The Solar Impulse has plans for a worldwide flight within the next few years.

American Pavilion is a nationwide supplier of clearspan tents for corporate events, temporary storage, product displays, social events and much more. Founded in 1902, American Pavilion is proudly owned and operated by fourth generation family members who grew up in the business and have been operating it for over 25 years. American Pavilion has one of the largest inventories of clear span tents in the nation and regularly travels to over 25 states each year. A fleet of trucks, many installation crews and a manufacturing facility that makes all tent fabrics is always standing by for any last minute jobs, anytime, anywhere.

Losberger Clearspan Tent Provides Temporary Storage

American Pavilion recently received a last minute phone call from a United States based automobile manufacturer in need of a large clear span tent for long term storage. Within three days of the initial phone call, American Pavilion’s crew had loaded, transported and installed a 45,000 square foot clearspan tent for the storage of parts for a large production plant. The requirements as set out by the client were that the tent needed to be weather resistant, able to withstand wind gusts equivalent to a category 1 hurricane, require little to no maintenance and be available to rent for at least one year. American Pavilion was able to not only meet but to exceed all of our client’s requirements. Our quick response also allowed for the clear span tent to be installed in less time than required, allowing American Pavilion to once again exceed our client’s expectations.

Clearspan tents may be installed for as short as a one day rental or as in the case of this project, the clear span will be installed for at least 12 months and will require little to no maintenance. American Pavilion is a nationwide supplier of clearspan tents for corporate events, temporary storage, product displays, social events and much more.

Founded in 1902, American Pavilion is currently owned and operated by the fourth generation of the founding family. With one on the largest clear span tent inventories in the country, American Pavilion is routinely called on to provide rental tents for some of the most difficult projects anywhere in the United States. American Pavilion has provided weather resistant rental tents to cover anything from Presidents to Fortune 500 presidents to auto parts. Over 1,000,000 square feet of heavy duty vinyl fabric stands ready at all times, along with a dozen crews, a fleet of trucks and project managers to oversee any event. Our crews cross the United States 12 months a year installing clear span rental tents in as little as one day for a smaller installation and up to 3 weeks for the largest projects.

American Pavilion also provides a wide array of related rental items for our clearspan tents. Temporary floors that are strong enough to support a semi-truck can be quickly installed along with industrial sized air-conditioners, generators, lighting, carpet, glass doors and much, much more. American Pavilion prides itself on being able to provide for all the needs of our clients; from our own rental inventory and without having to sub-rent from other companies.