American Pavilion often receives calls from customers that need construction tents so that they can complete construction projects during the winter months.  After many years and countless case studies, American Pavilion has found that clear span construction tents offer the best value and utility.  Without a clear span construction tent, pouring concrete in the winter is impossible. Freezing temperatures or constant rain normally halt construction projects in their tracks but with an American Pavilion tent, pouring concrete slabs, foundations or walls can be completed on time and on budget.  When heated, these Losberger clear span tents can withstand sub-freezing temperatures, are rated at 90 mph, and are designed to stay in the air with little maintenance for months or even years. American Pavilion can supply construction tents in sizes that range from a couple thousand square feet to over 100,000 square feet, all without interior supports or exterior guy-lines.  Roll-up doors, hard sides, lighting and even heavy duty floors can be installed.  American Pavilion has saved countless construction companies hundreds of thousands of dollars by allowing them to complete projects on time no matter what the weather.


Can a large clear span tent cover an entire construction site for three months while a hotel is built beneath it?  That was the question that American Pavilion was asked last December by a large construction company in Montana.  Our client needed to rent afabric structure that was large enough to cover their construction site while they laid plumbing, poured concrete footings and poured a 25,000 square foot concrete pad for the hotel.  Clear span construction tents are perfect for almost any construction project since they are designed for both short and long term use, and if heated, they can withstand whatever winter weather is thrown at them.  Our client labored under a 25,000 square foot Losberger tent rental for three months while their construction team even built the entire first story of the hotel, all in a climate controlled environment.  Once the first story of the hotel was complete, American Pavilion’s crew used a 70 ton crane to lift off each section of the tent.  Our client was then able to complete the construction of the hotel.  Construction tents are perfect for almost any industrial use, from pouring concrete, laying pipelines and even refurbishing heavy equipment.  American Pavilion has a large inventory of all sizes of construction tents and specializes in both tent rental and tent sales.