Rental Tents for Corporate Meetings

There is a tremendous swell of interest in clearspan tents. American Pavilion specializes in this type of tent structure and travels nationwide to install them for many types of events. Corporate meetings, product introductions, trade shows, shareholder meetings, sporting events, construction, environmental remediation and disaster relief are just some of the many types of uses for clearspan tents. A clearspan tent is the strongest, most weather resistant tent structure on the market and because of these features clearspan tent structures are quickly becoming the preeminent rental tent on the market.

Clearspan tents may be rented for as little as a few hours or for years at a time. Some recent examples of events that have utilized our clearspan tents are a fundraising event in North Dakota, a college graduation in Maine and a wedding in New York. Corporations that produce meetings are a popular renter of clearspan tents; using them for everything from product displays to shareholder meetings. American Pavilion is often called on to provide extra meeting space for corporate meetings and with an inventory of well over 500,000 square feet we have the ability to cover even the largest company meetings

Should You Rent, Buy or Lease Your Next Tent?

Even after over 100 years in business, many of American Pavilion’s customers are unaware that we not only rent, but sell and lease both new and used tents. Traditional style pole tents, tension tents, frame tents and clearspan style tents can all be rented, leased or sold. While most tents are rented for a short period of time, sometimes it can make sense to either lease or even purchase a tent especially if you are looking for a custom design or plan to use it for an extended period of time. All of the optional equipment that normally accompanies a tent, such as flooring, carpeting, lighting and even portable air-conditioning units can be leased or purchased as well.

How do you determine if a purchase makes more sense than a rental? The following are a couple of questions that you should ask yourself before making the decision:

1. Does a purchase make financial sense when taking into account things such as depreciation and opportunity costs?

2. Are you able to store the tent or sell it once you no longer need it?

3. Do you have the ability to repair or replace parts should they become damaged during use?

4. Will your insurance company cover the tent and if so, what is the cost?

Most special event rental companies will be happy to show you both rental and purchase options and some companies that have in-house tent manufacturing capabilities like American Pavilion can offer large savings over companies that don’t handle their own manufacturing.

The Use of Clear Fabrics in Tents

Not too many years ago rental tents were the equivalent of the Ford Model T. You could rent a tent in any color just as long as that color was khaki (and the fabric was canvas). The transition to heavy duty vinyl fabrics in a rich array of colors began around 30 years ago and now the canvas tent is truly a relic of the past. Clear vinyl fabrics have become quite popular in the past five years to the point that American Pavilion is now stocking clear tents in almost every size.

Clear vinyl fabrics can be manufactured in almost any size and can really add a unique feel to a tented event. Sometimes just the roof panels are clear, other times just the sidewalls and sometimes the entire tent in made from clear vinyl fabric. It might be that a client wants to have a view of the city at night from inside the tent or that they want the feel of the “outside” brought into the tent. A couple of questions to ask before renting clear tent panels:

1. Is the clear fabric new or near new? Older clear vinyl can turn yellow or almost opaque with overuse and time.
2. Is there an additional charge for the clear fabrics? The answer is almost always “yes”
3. Is the clear fabric strong enough for the location where the tent will be installed?